Rumito WorldWide Marketplace

It is not a secret that due to the pandemic and the Covid 19 virus that has engulfed the world, many businesses have suffered serious financial losses and some have even gone bankrupt.
But as they say, there is always a silver lining. And that is exactly what the creator of the Rumito online trading centre was looking for and found.
Thus, in the middle of self-isolation, emerged the idea of creating an alternative online shopping mall solution that was unparalleled.
The developers had a goal of making people's lives more convenient and safer, and they achieved it. After all, they gathered all the necessary goods and services in one place, on one website and in one mobile application: not only mass-market shops, brands, but also entertainment, various household, business, beauty services and even food courts.

Online shopping mall Rumito
An analogue of the usual shopping mall that provides a range of services online and gives the opportunity to offer, sell and advertise almost any kind of goods and services in a variety of cities and price formats. The operation is based on the principle of renting out online shops in the Rumito mall.

Rumito: global presence and influence
The developers said that it doesn't matter what country you are in: Rumito is planning an aggressive entry into foreign markets. The e-commerce centre is already operating under a franchise that is currently being launched in the US, the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic.

Rumito: a tokenised business
The creators of the Rumito e-commerce centre have launched their own digital currency because they believe that the token (a digital analogue of currency used as a means of payment for services, purchases, etc.) plays an important role in the business ecosystem.