Child gets 6500% return on her first bitcoin

A bitcoin gift from her father to his newborn daughter brought the baby girl more than 6500% profit after four years, Cointelegraph writes.

In 2017, the founder of Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Foxbit, Joao Canjada, presented his newborn daughter with 1 BTC worth around $915.8 as a gift. To date, the price of the first cryptocurrency has exceeded $62,000. Thus, after four years, the baby girl has earned more than 6500% profit on her father's gift.

"As soon as my daughter was born, I bought 1 BTC for her.  Not only as a gift, but also as a way to invest in the new economy. At that time, a BTC was worth five thousand Brazilian reais," commented Kanhada.

2017 was the last opportunity for investors to buy bitcoin at below $1k, something Kanhada didn't know at the time.