Important message for Rumito token holders

Dear Rumito token holders,

Management has unanimously decided to migrate the Rumito token from the Waves blockchain to the TRON blockchain. The main purpose of this transition is to optimise the processes in which the ecosystem tokens are used (transaction speed, fees and openness of information). As such, those investors who have purchased Rumito tokens are fully entitled to receive other tokens on the TRON blockchain called RUTC equivalent to the amount of their investment at the old token rate. The exchange will be made at the rate of 1 Rumito - $35. The price of 1 RUTC token is $1.

In order to verify that the tokens were purchased by you, you will need to provide the following data:

- a screenshot of the transaction for the tokens (only transactions made before September 10, 2021 are counted)
- Full name of the owner
- Phone number for additional information

To provide all the above information, go to Telegram: https://t.me/rumito_invest