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How to publish
on the British version of the Zebillions media network
Conclusion of an information cooperation agreement
Send a request for consideration to the publication's official email marked "partnership": info@zebillions.com
Or fill in the feedback form.
The link to join the closed chat room on Telegram is sent to your email after you have signed the partnership agreement.
The news/article is sent to a private chat room for the editor-in-chief's review. If all technical requirements are met, the news is published in the publication.
Requirements for the implementation of the information cooperation agreement
The ZeBillions partner undertakes to provide the following information on a monthly basis:

1. 5 unique company news (announcements, reviews, new features, company news, both good and bad, comprehensive news revealing the company's activities).
2. interviews.
3. Filming on production as agreed.
4. Invitation of ZeBillions press service to the key events.
5. Extended public credible information to maintain company rankings.
Design requirements for the news/article
- headline (Should contain the main idea of the message and be as bright, interesting, memorable as possible)
- lead (captures the essence of the headline, gives more information from the headline, but does not copy it)
- main body (divide into blocks if necessary; dividing into paragraphs is logical and makes the text easier to read)

! If the event is attended by dignitaries, it is worth adding a comment from that person to the message. If there is more than one such participant, the most high profile participant or two participants should be quoted in the text. The commentary should contain a thought that reflects the speaker's or agency's attitude to the issue, to the situation, to the event. Background information on the subject of the event may be provided in the text or placed outside the text. This is done at the discretion of the author.

+ photo (mandatory) in .jpg format

.doc /.docx/ format;

Recommended length - not more than 1 A4 page;

Font: Times New Roman

Font size/note size 14 (title - 16, bold)

The text should be aligned to the width of the document;

The text must be readable, contain specific dates of the event, names and positions of key actors, high-quality photos with comments.

There should be no direct advertising in the text and it should not be for commercial gain.

Also take care of credibility and proof: back up your claims with facts, statistics, references to sources.

Rules for Telegram chat


- Prevent chat clogging with spam

Chat is only allowed to send news/articles for further posting on the official ZeBillions Media Network website and no off-topic writing is allowed.

- Using any foul language. Replacement of letters in swear words with different symbols or misspelling/distortion does not change the essence of the words.

- Use language that attempts to undermine the honour and dignity of those present (discrimination in racial, national, religious etc.).

- Directly or indirectly insult other chat participants, be rude or pushy, even using literary colloquialisms, and do not engage in arguments or disputes with a moderator.

- Do not encourage other participants to cheat, abuse (even in a veiled or indirect way), and do not be verbally abusive towards them.

Be polite and tactful, and don't violate ethical standards. Remember that others may use the correspondence in court to prove that they have been verbally abused. The court assesses the format of the message subjectively. Therefore, not only foul language, but also your subjective opinion about other chat participants, even if you have expressed it politely, may be considered as an insult.

Form for cooperation agreement
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